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About us

Seafood Branding Co. specializes in individual labeling of fish. The company possesses longstanding and broad expertise in this field.

We have served the european Seabass/seabreem, trout and flatfish market,  for many years


We have worked with producers, Norwegian Seafood Council, and Norwegian Seafood Federation, and solved many tasks that have increased manufacturers’ brand profile, made origin visible and given them better sales.

Governments, the EU and consumers also set the agenda for the need for individual labeling, and this clearly becomes increasingly important.

Our starting point has for a number of years been automated volume labeling based on the Norwegian invention Baccotag. This solution has made it possible for the clip fish industry in Norway, and the Sea bass / Sea bream industry in the Mediterranean region, to label individual fish with high quality labels and automated the process.

 This past year we have expanded greatly and now offer the widest range in this area. We can help you with everything within manual and automated labeling.


Please contact us, and we will help you find the best solution for your company!

Jon Ulfsrud

Have any questions?Contact us!

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