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Brand building


What is a brand?

A brand is a product or a service you know, trust, perceive unambiguously positive and different from competitors.


While an item is the sum of the number of product features, a brand is also charged with emotional values, experiences, impressions and expectations.


A brand is clear, because it appears with the same properties each time.


A brand is valuable because many people have a good knowledge of it, trust it, and are willing to pay more for it than other products in the same category. 


Consumer behavior is a big and interesting subject, where the consumers buying decision is central.

These days assurance of quality and origin is one of the most important criteria for all consumers.


Check yourself, would you choose the bottle on the left? Doubt it!

Or, an unknown fish without origin information instead of one labeled with quality and origin.


What do you think your customer would do?


In many surveys clear results have concluded that labeled fish are regarded as higher quality and a safer choice. 

Time to take care of your brand?

  • stand out in the crowd

  • create repurchase

  • document origin


Labelling with QR code on the label opens possibility for dialogue with the consumer.                                                                                                                          (Try this     )

The labelling can be conducted in several easy ways, manually or automated, depending on volume and product. We have worked with labelling of different type of seafood for many years, and can assist with finding the best solution for your product. We have solutions for everything; tags with FDA approvals and tags that can be cooked. 

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