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Food safety in the seafood industry has the highest priority from both consumers and governments. Our systems can operate as standalone machines or integrated in a grader line. Durability information or traceability information can easily be set from the machine or automatically retrieved from an order system so that traceability throughout the supply chain is maintained. Labelled fresh fish will give consumers the confidence they require from a quality product. Labelling is an efficient marketing tool for branding or to create a differentiated product with opportunities to achieve a higher price and repeated sales.


BaccoTag is a fully automatic label and traceability system for all types of fish. The machine attaches a preprinted label directly to the fish with a thin plastic cord. The machine can be used standalone or integrated in a packaging line. BaccoTag can mark 75-130 fish per minute, depending on the type of fish.







The pictures show typical BaccoTag installations. The machine is placed between the grader and the scale, and can easily be adjusted to most packaging lines. The machine has different width and layout, depending on the type of fish being labeled. 

BaccoTag, FishTag and automated tagging machines presented here, is delivered in close cooperation with Bacco AS, who owns the technology and develope machines.

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