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BaccoTag is a fully automatic label and traceability system for all types of fish. The machine attaches a preprinted label directly to the fish with a thin plastic cord. The machine can be used standalone or integrated in a grader line. BaccoTag can mark up to 130 fish per minute. 


Product introduction 


We offer a wide range of solutions for individual  labeling of for all fresh fish and filets, like seabass, seabreem, trout, flatfish, bacalao, stockfish and shellfish. We supply everything from manual solutions to fully automated solutions that are integrated into the packaging line.

The main thing to consider is the goal for branding/labeling, to determine the type of label, as well as volume, to decide labeling method, i.e. how automated the solution should be. 





We supply high quality PE-labels, which are both water resistant and UV resistant. The labels comes on a roll, for ease of use for automatic and manual solutions.



These individual tags are supplied loose in bulk. The tags come in 0.8mm food approved plastic. Available in a variety of shapes, and can be printed with own design, QR-codes, logos or individual numbering.



This is a tag that is very flexible and is printed on very strong material. A rubber band is welded in the tag that is guaranteed not to peel off.




Gill Tag is a well-known method to tag bigger fish. Attaches very easily into the gills, and have small spikes on the inside so it will not slip off.




Custom printed fillet tags are small hand applied spear tags sized appropriately to market fillets and portioned seafood in ice displays or in cellophane wrapped trays. A unique alternative to the gill and tail tag, our fillet tags can be inserted directly into the product.




In-Ice spear tags are typically made of .030” thick food grade plastic and are designed to be placed in ice displays at the seafood counter. Spear tags are a very cost effective way to brand fillets, whole fish, shellfish, and value added products that get displayed on ice. Our spear tags are easily distributed to markets by being placed on top of the product in the case at the processor site.



We supply several different hand tools / “pistols”, for efficient attachment of labels.



This is a simple system that quickly puts on single small rigid plastic tag.

It works like a nail gun, connected to compressed air.


Air pressure tag systems



The ability to see the tem

perature history of fish during transportation. 



You can see the following solutions:


-TagFast semi-automatic

-High Speed round fish tagging

-FishTag demo, Stand alone solution

-FishTag Demo, grader line solution

-BaccoTag flat fish tagging

-Seafood Brandind Video mix

-High speed salmon tagging

-Salmon fillet tagging

-System 1000 AIR -- demo

The Oxitrate System

The Oxitrate System is a unique, completely effective, cost-efficient, and 100% environmentally friendly disinfection solution suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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