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                                                             Labeling equipment


We deliver different labeling equipment to make the attachment process of the labels as efficient as possible.

Mark 3
  • Mark 3 is a simple and efficient labeling gun for T-nylon threads.

  • Utilizes rust-free needles 

System 1000
  • System 1000 is basically the same labeling gun, but uses fasteners on a roll.

  • It takes 1000 threads per roll, which streamlines the job further. 



System 1000 AIR
  • System 1000 air is operated with compressed air, making the job easier for larger volumes.




  • This special labeling pistol attaches a nylon thread in a loop.

  • The loop cord comes in several lengths, depending on the object to be fastened around.

  • Suitable to attach labels to nets of shells etc. 



  • Our different types of fasteners solve most needs.

  • T-ends for attaching labels to various fish products

  • 20 or 40mm in several colours.

  • Loop lanyards for securing and packaging. 

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