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Producing safe, quality fish products relies on effective hygienic practices throughout the entire production process, from harvest to consumption. Removing bacterial contamination from this process means fish stay fresher longer, which means less waste, happier customers and a better bottom line.

In aquaculture, contaminated sea water can be a source of disease and parasites, and may result in more expense for operators, and poorer quality farmed fish. Oxitrate has an excellent antibacterial effect on sea water, even at lower dosages and is suitable for the disinfection and cleaning of water, pens and equipment.

Seafood processing plants have strict requirements for microbial control. Production lines need to be kept clean and free of pathogens which could render products unsalable at considerable expense to the operator.

The Oxitrate System can be used to effectively clean and disinfect in aquaculture operations, on fishing boats, and in fish processing facilities. Oxitrate is free from chemicals and toxins and is completely safe for the people using it. Waste water can be discarded directly into the sea with no adverse effects on the environment.

The Oxitrate system is the perfect partner to the seafood industry. Contact us today to learn how Oxitrate can help your business.


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