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Seafood Branding offers Elasti tags in dozens of shapes and sizes. Our custom printed Elasti Tags are perfect for awkward shaped product like seafood. Elasti tags are most commonly used on shellfish like Crab and Atlantic Lobster. Ask about our special blends of tags and elastomer that can actually be boiled still on the product ensuring your tag makes it from the ocean to the fork.
Elasti tags make perfect tail tags as well. Or if you want an alternative to our gill tag for head on gill gutted product the Elasti tags are easily looped to create a secure form of gill tag. Elasti tags can be printed with barcodes and QR codes and they can be uniquely numbered as well if needed.
If you have been looking for a solution to increasing your marketing opportunities on difficult to brand seafood products give our Elasti tags a try.

Lobster and crab claw labels

Branding your shellfish has never been easier. Our lobster and crab claw bands are an effective way to brand identify your individual shellfish. Whether you apply them on live product or after the product has been cooked our claw bands are a great alternative to a customized claw elastic.

The claw band combines our custom printed seafood tags and an elastic claw band by looping the tag around the band using a nylon loop fastener. The claw band is applied exactly as it would be now during the banding process but our claw band is an eye catcher that differentiates your product from the competition. Help yourself secure premium pricing and move more seafood by catching the consumer’s eye first. Claw bands are the perfect piece to implement your full traceability program.

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