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Timestrip Cold Chain


Improved temperature control ... several cost effective and convenient solutions to monitor the temperature products are subjected to throughout the distribution chain (cold chain).


Timestrip products are supplied as time-temperature-indicators and clean limit indicators. The indicators let you know when products come into contact with temperatures above a predetermined threshold, and for how long. It is fastened mainly in the secondary packaging (the box or container) during shipping for monitoring temperature-sensitive products such as food, vaccines, drugs, blood, implants, diagnostic drug, infected solutions, intraocular lenses and chemicals.

It signals when the products should be investigated further as a result of temperature. TimeStrip manufactures several different temperature indicators that detect rising and falling temperatures. These products can be used in a variety of industries within food, pharmaceutical, medical, animal treatment and chemistry.


TimeStrip indicators change "supply chain" procedures for monitoring temperature. This helps to reduce food waste, provide deliveries with quality-guarantee, and increase sales and market shares. 



Get a free Timestrip test sent today. (burde disse fire punktene stå lengre opp? Gode salgsargumenter!!)

  • irreversible measurements.

  • Precise measurements

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Documenting quality




TimeStrip Cold Chain products for foods.

TimeStrip Plus

How long was the temperature outside the target area?

It's great to have an indicator that shows if the cold chain is broken, but sometimes it may be necessary for more information. It is crucial to know how long the breach lasted. For some products, this is crucial information, and the TimeStrip Plus indicator provides this information. TimeStrip Plus is the first cost-effective indicator to provide this information safe and easy.



Unique serialnumber


"ON" button for activation


Displays if the unit is active


Displays timer of 2 hours


Displays timer of 4 hours

Once activated, Timestrip® PLUS will keep monitoring temperature for days, weeks or months, depending on your needs. During that time it will record how long any temperature breaches last.

We offer the most cost effective solutions of our type in the food standard and food safety measurements. We provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to define and customize the best solution for you. 


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