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This is Seafood Branding

Branding of products for sale is crucial to sell goods with proper profits, seafood products are no exception.


Studies show that consumers prefer products with visible professional branding and labelling, above non-labelled products. Companies, who focus on promoting their brand and product, are competing out those who forget the importance of attracting consumer attention.


Professional branding creates confidence in the market, builds a brand, and leads to repurchase.


Seafood Branding CO are specialized in individual labeling of fish and offer a wide range of solutions for all fresh fish and filets, like seabass, seabreem, trout, flatfish, bacalhau, stockfish and shellfish. We have been in this business for many years, and assisted many companies to build a brand for their products and increase sales. We offer the broadest and most complete solutions for manual and automated labeling solutions.

Cold Chain is also a natural topic for us, as we are concerned about quality from "sea to plate". 


The Oxitrate System is a unique, completely effective, cost-efficient, and 100% environmentally friendly disinfection solution suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.



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